Loyalty Program Update

Kindly review the information provided below regarding the loyalty program.

Important Update

Dear Arthur Ford Agents,

We've heard your feedback about the loyalty program app, and we're making

improvements for a better and smoother experience. From the 9th of October 2023 you will be able to:

1. Earn loyalty points directly on the Arthur Ford system instore. 

2. Check your points balance on your till slip after every purchase. 

3. Redeem points in Arthur Ford stores without using an app

You do not need to register for this program, you will automatically start earning points on the

ARTHUR FORD system when you shop in store or on our website. 

We are going to run the current loyalty program app and the new ARTHUR FORD system program at the same time.

What does this mean:

This means that you will now EARN loyalty points every time you shop instore or online and you can spend these points instore. 

It also means that any points you have on your current APP on Monday the 9th will be available for you to use until the end of the year. 

You will not Earn new points on the APP but you can spend the points you already have. You will now earn points on the ARTHUR FORD system which you can view on your till slip or ask instore for your balance. 

Please note that all tier levels will be frozen, this means if you are on the VIP level, you will remain there until further notice. If you are not on the VIP tier, then you will remain on the normal agent group until further notice.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re hereto help

What is the Arthur Ford Loyalty Program?

The Arthur Ford Loyalty Program is a rewards system designed to show appreciation to our valued agents. It allows you to earn 1 point (R10) for every R200 you spend. Currently, agents login to their own profile through a website app to spend their points, from 09/10/2023 agents will earn points through the ARTHUF FORD system only, and not through the website app. 

How do I earn points?

Points are earned on eligible purchases made through Arthur Ford. For every qualifying transaction, you receive a designated number of points. Points were earned on the loyalty program app, however points are now being earned directly through Arthur Ford (since 09/10/2023). 

How do I spend points?

Points can be redeemed directly at Arthur Ford stores during checkout. The store assistant will assist you in using your points to discount your purchase. You can also redeem your points on the current Arthur Ford Loyalty Program App until further notice.

Where can I see my points balance?

Your points balance can be viewed on your Arthur Ford Loyalty Program App after each transactions, and from 09/10/2023 you can now view your total points balance on your till slip. 

What happens to the tier structures ?

If you are already a VIP level then you will remain there until further notice, if you are not on VIP level then you will remain on the normal agent group until further notice.

Can I transfer points from the Arthur Ford Loyalty Program App to the Arthur Ford system?

Points are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the agent who earned them through the Arthur Ford Loyalty Program App, or through the Arthur Ford system at stores. 

Top Tip

Christmas is coming up, and we reccommend using your points through the Loyalty Program App to stock up for the Holiday Season.

Who can I contact for further assistance with the Loyalty Program?

For any questions or concerns about the Loyalty Program, please contact our dedicated support team at +27800064586 or emailing arthurford@tlcrewards.com. Alternatively you can contact our Head Office by emailing info@afbrands.co.za

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